A charity exhibition and auction to support young talents in Varna

On 1 November 2019 at 19 h in the sea casino Varna gallery, the official opening of the exhibition entitled “National Leaders before and now” will be held. The exposition will be available until 10 November and will include works by young Bulgarian artists. 

This is the second edition of this exhibition devoted to the national revival spirit and work. The young artists’ works will be sold at an anonymous auction and the funds raised will be used to create an online platform to support and help realize talents – FineАrtStage.com.

The organizer of the charitable exhibition is Foundation for Total Development. Delyan Todorov, an artist from Varna and the foundation’s CEO, and his team believe that talented people are a national treasure and must be supported and encouraged to develop their abilities and potential. Through the Fine Art Stage platform the organization intends to help at least five young artists within twelve months. The platform aims to provide mentorship support, art supplies, promotion and cooperation with future exhibitions. 

The “National Leaders before and now” exhibition was realized with the support of INHOM 98 Ltd., Smart Varna Foundation and the Wild Art shop.

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Best regards,

Delyan Todorov

CEO of Foundation for Total Development

Tel. 0893 76 93 78

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