SSS_Studio5_2_03Sofia Singer Songwriter Fest 2017 >>>





DP24838 Tomera Steer Shipping Christina BarrAmerican show Cowboys and Indians in song and verse“ on tour in Bulgaria, October 2017 >>>





BEC_Pragmatic_BogomilPragmatic Marketing Course at Telelrik Academy, with star lecturer Rich Nutinsky, March 2018 >>>





820_ICO_0088BEC mission, presentation of the MOBI programme, May 2018 >>>





DSE_5630Visit of Laticia Britos Cavagnaro and Humera Maryam Fasihuddin, founders of Stanford’s UIF Program, May 2018 >>>





IMG_3018BEC’s “significant six” star mentors visiting Bulgaria, April 2017 >>>





group photo UIFTeaching and learning studio program, Stanford University, July 2018 >>>





_MG_9355ASofia Singer Songwriter Fest 2018 >>>





 jaime8BEC Mission October 2018 >>>





тойн11Teenovator Start up Weekend, 26-27 January 2019 >>>





414BEC mission May 2019 >>>





ekipSofia Singer-Songwriter Fest 2020 >>>

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