Larry Biehl gave an exciting speech at the sixth edition of Teenovator

The American philanthropist and financier, Mr. Larry Biehl, gave an exciting video-address to participants
in the sixth edition of Teenovator – a program for young entrepreneurs.

The semifinal – Ideas Weekend – took place on January 27 th and 28 th in Sofia Tech Park.
Highschoolers from around the country came together, united into teams, in order to present their ideas. Prizes were awarded in the following categories: green business, social innovation, art and culture, education and career development, market launch strategy, and sustainable business model, among others.

“Have you ever thought about our planet as a lifeboat floating amidst the ocean of space? We must protect it and pass it on to future generations intact and sustainable. 2023 has been the hottest year to date. We need to make an effort to fight climate change, ecological disasters and people’s inaction. 

I am proud that you, Teenovator participants, are looking for solutions to these problems. You are going to be the oars of this lifeboat and are going to keep it from sinking. I wish you good luck and full speed ahead!”Larry Biehl said, addressing the young entrepreneurs, at the event opening.

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