Partnership between the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center and the Retina.BG Society

Lilly Drumeva-O’Reilly, director of the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center Foundation, took part in adapting the informational video “How to welcome visually impaired people to the hospital”, part of the work on the Vision for Vision project by the Retina Bulgaria Society. Thus were laid the foundations of cooperation between the two organizations, the partnership aiming to support visually-impaired people in Bulgaria.

This is what our colleagues from Retina Bulgaria shared in their news bulletin: “The Retina Bulgaria Society translated and adapted an informational video into Bulgarian – “How to welcome visually impaired people to the hospital” – under the Vision and COVID-19 project, supported by the Public Board of TELUS International Bulgaria. The video aims to raise awareness among health specialists about treating the visually impaired who go to medical centers and hospitals to seek help. We are ever so grateful to our friend, the beautiful singer Lilly Drumeva, for the dubbing and recording.

The video was submitted by the European Reference Network dedicated to Rare Eye Diseases (ERN-EYE) and the initiative for the video’s creation is SENSGENE’s, who worked on the project with several French associations of the visually impaired.

The video is three minutes long and is divided into three independent parts. It shows common situations that are part of daily medical activities: different eye disorders, admission to a hospital, consultations and orientation inside a hospital room.”

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