Larry Biehl had the COVID-19 vaccine

BEC’s founder and benefactor, Larry Biehl shares his experience of receiving his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine:

“Last Thursday I received an invitation from my GP which included a form with several possible dates for vaccinating people in my age group.

“On the next day I got an email saying I was scheduled for 9:30 in the morning, three days later.

“At 8:45 on Monday, I drove to the San Mateo Event Center, California, a place that used to be used for horse racing. An officer in a mask and protective uniform approached my car and told me to follow the other cars and line up. The column led to a large portal.

“I was asked to show my ID and the confirmation letter from the GP. Then they put an orange sticker on the windshield and an officer of the center waved a red flag and showed me where to drive through. I saw that there were 10 columns of cars going to the vaccination sites.

“I approached point number 10 and when my turn came, I was asked two questions:

“Whether I had been vaccinated in the past 14 days and whether I had shown any allergic reactions. Then I rolled down my car window, I rolled up my sleeve and held out my hand. After disinfection, I was injected by an employee with a mask and protective uniform. The time of vaccination was marked on the orange sticker.

“I was asked to go to a side place to wait for 15 minutes to see if I had an allergic reaction. I was told, if I did not feel well, to honk or turn on the headlights. After 15 minutes, a medical person approached my window, and I gave the thumbs-up to indicate that I was feeling well. I started the car and drove off.

“The whole process took 45 minutes.

“San Mateo County expects to vaccinate all its 760,000 residents in less than three months. In San Francisco, there are 10,000 vaccinations a day. In the United States, 300 million people are planned to be vaccinated by the end of the summer.

“If you have the vaccines available and good organization, miracles can happen. I feel like a person who has received one of these miracles, and I am grateful for that. And most of all, I didn’t even leave the comfort of my own car.

“Maybe my personal experience will motivate Bulgarians to put pressure on those who are responsible for getting the people to be vaccinated faster. I believe that the experience in California can be applied in Bulgaria as well.”

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