The founder of the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center Foundation, Larry Biehl, met the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev

On May 9, 2019, a meeting of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Rumen Radev, was held in Sofia, with Mr. Larry Biehl, founder of the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center Foundation. There was also Mr. Michael Marvin, a leading technology entrepreneur and lecturer in the Foundation, as well as Margaret Krytzer, a financial consultant, founder of the foundation and Mr Biehl’s wife.

Larry Biehl presented the programs of the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center which are currently being implemented in Bulgaria: a Master’s Program in Entrepreneurship at the Varna Free University, Teenovator a high school entrepreneurship program, entrepreneurship training for small and family businesses – MOBI – provided by the Santa Clara University, California, as well as business seminars and entrepreneurship courses conducted by leaders in IT entrepreneurship.

The highlights of the conversation were Creative Thinking, Soft Skills, Critical Thinking, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Larry Biehl also told about his plans to visit Bulgaria with a group of adherents called VISTAGE to get to know Bulgaria for the purpose of developing new projects and investments. Larry Biehl set out his understanding of the work of the foundation in detail: integrity, goodness, justice, creative thinking, and other enduring human values.

The President has expressed support for these initiatives and is ready to support a future conference within 1-2 days whose topics will be proposed by Mr. Biehl, as well as funding.

At the cordial and warm meeting, ideas were shared, including interesting stories from the military careers of Mr. Radev and Mr. Marvin.

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