Lilly Drumeva writes about the coronavirus and works on a new song and video in May

The Bulgarian country singer found a new role during the quarantine, writing articles about COVID-19 for the new information website of Darik Radio. There she now has her own column, where she publishes interesting interviews with leading experts on the topic. Among them are famous doctors, pharmacists, economists, financial experts, legal experts, sports stars, artists and more. Thanks to her position of director of a Bulgarian-American foundation, the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center, Lilly Drumeva has access to a valuable resource in the USA, namely, Silicon Valley, California, where high technologies are created and innovative research is conducted.

In addition to being an earnest journalist in times of crisis, the singer works as a teacher of Bulgarian. She teaches foreigners online every evening.

Despite the hard times she has not turned her back on her favorite occupation – music. Lilly will make her fans happy in May with her new original song and video. The music and lyrics are by Lilly and the recording, mixing and mastering – by Stamen Yanev. There are also guest musicians from the Czech Republic: Pepa Malina – violin, and from Slovakia: Michal Barok – mandolin. The song is in English and is called “I don’t know what to do”. It is inspired by personal experience. Final details are being finalized and Stanko Nikolov is working on the video. It was shot in Romania, where the singer often gives concerts.

Lilly Drumeva is a vocalist, songwriter, founder and lead singer of the most successful Bulgarian country and bluegrass band – Lilly of the West. She is producer of 11 studio albums, organizer of European tours, concerts and festivals. Lilly of the West have won prestigious awards at competitions in the Netherlands, France and the USA. For 20 years now Lilly Drumeva has been a pioneer of and driving force behind the development of country and bluegrass music on the Balkans. She is a board member in the European and World Country and Bluegrass Association, where she represents Eastern Europe. Lilly Drumeva is also a musical journalist who has more than 18 years of experience working for the BBC, Retro Radio, Radio Sofia, Horizont, Balkan Bulgarian Television and Radio Binar. She specialized in country and bluegrass music in the USA under the Fulbright program. She is also author of the book “In the Mood with Lilly – 50 Music Themes”, which presents the genres of country, bluegrass, blues, swing, rock and roll, as well as others. Additionally, Lilly Drumeva is a successful impresario who works with American and European artists. She organizes the Sofia Singer Songwriter Fest.


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