Enrolment to begin into the second year of the exclusive entrepreneurship program in the Varna Free University

The program was designed by Silicon Valley lecturers with the support of BEC (Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center)

During the past year something new happened within the entrepreneurship field in Bulgaria. New graduates entered the field – the first ones who completed the Master’s program in entrepreneurship in Varna (a joint project by the Varna Free University  “Chernorizets Hrabar” and BEC (Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center).

The program is the paragon of the new mentoring model in Bulgaria to encourage young and talented people to work and develop within the country. The program utilizes educational materials based on courses in Stanford and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The first 30 graduates successfully presented their projects before international investors and business representatives, among whom were Larry Biehl – an American financial consultant and investment manager, initiator and mentor of the program, Michael Marvin – one of the founders of Tech Valley in New York, as well as the Innovation Accelerator Bulgaria and BrightCap Ventures investment funds.

The startup projects inspired by the practical orientation of the Master’s program in entrepreneurship are already taking their first real steps in the business. Within two semesters the course transferred the best practices of Silicon Valley lecturers to Bulgaria, as well as the experience of world-famous entrepreneurs and practice.

The courses in the following academic year will again be taught by some of the most successful entrepreneurs with experience in deals in the USA, Bulgaria and the world. Among the Bulgarians who will be teaching, notable names of high managers with successful foreign careers stand out.

Michael Marvin, one of the founders of Tech Valley in New York, shared that he is teaching students of the opportunities that lie in taking full advantage of the entrepreneurship ecosystem potential when creating their products and services for the market. “You have brilliant young people in Bulgaria – encourage them!” he said.

The focus of this year’s education will fall on social entrepreneurship, which blends the resourcefulness of the business with a social mission, the skillful combination and balance of social and economic goals with a good understanding of the needs of people.

Partial scholarships will again be given to the best candidates by the Varna Free University and business in the region. The courses under the program are all taught entirely in English.

To apply for enrolment and to register, go to entr.vfu.bg 

About the organizers:

The Verna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” is the biggest private university in Bulgaria. It is an established academic center that educates Bulgarian and foreign students alike, giving them knowledge in fields prioritized in the country, and creates an internationally convertible and competitive scientific and academic product. Over ten thousand students study there under more than 67 Master’s and Bachelor’s programs and 29 PhD programs.

BEC (Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center) was created in April 2017 by a group of inspired entrepreneurs. BEC is a program by the InterCulture Foundation, an NGO located in the San Francisco Bay area in California. To this group of inspired people, among whom are Larry Biehl, Norman Winarsky, Vassil Terziev, Bogomil Balkansky and Dafina Toncheva, “entrepreneurship” is s verb and not a noun and also not a passive state but a dynamic process of constant development and construction.

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